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The primary role of IPBC is as a bowling club , therefore as you would expect we spend a lot of time, money and effort into ensuring we have the best greens available.


We have always had two greens, affectionately called the “Tap” and the “Boatum” greens. Regardless of where you play though the same care and attention is lavished on both greens, however the “Tap” green gets the most use as it is closer to the locker room, or more importantly, the bar.


We have a number of seats and tables around the green where spectators can sit and watch the game, enjoy some friendly, and not so friendly banter or even as a place to sit your drink while bowling.


IPBC over the years have invested heavily on the junior bowlers and most of their success has come from that philosophy. The IPBC junior section was started in 1980 by Boyd Milligan and has been through many different coaches and produced many success stories. The junior coaching occurs on a Saturday between 10am and 12pm and everyone under 18 is welcome to come along.

2016 was another good year for Irvine Park Bowling club, winning the league and the Gold Bowl. Unfortunately due to bad weather the game against West Kilbride had to be cancelled and held over to 2017. The hat trick is still on.

Gold Bowl And League Title

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